Springtime Maintenance: The Complete Checklist for Your Property’s Exteriors

Take advantage of the Spring to get your maintenance needs done with this checklist.

Springtime Maintenance: The Complete Checklist for Your Property’s Exteriors

There is definitely a reason why they call it “Spring Cleaning”: Spring is the best time to get to work and take care of a property’s maintenance needs. As the weather gets milder, it becomes a whole lot easier to begin projects that would have been difficult or even impossible to complete during the cold, wet Winter months. Springtime marks the time for taking care of a property’s exterior after it has gone through the cold season, while also making it possible to start preparing a property for the Summer heat that is right around the corner.

This article will list the top maintenance projects for your property’s exteriors that should be completed in the Springtime to best prepare the for Summer and ensure that cold weather-related wear and tear can be promptly fixed.


Water Drainage: those April showers might come in handy after all: they are the best way to test out the efficiency of a property’s drainage system. After rainfall it is necessary to check whether any water remains undrained around the property, and noticing whether puddles fail to disappear after 24 hours is one way of gauging this. If water fails to properly drain, moisture can easily increase around the property’s foundations and walls, often causing heightened moisture levels within the property and water damage to walls and floors, which all facilitate mold growth. Our experts encourage turning to a professional who can evaluate the efficiency of a property’s drainage system and suggest any maintenance work to ensure that water is directed away from the property.

Roof: While it’s best to hire a professional to climb on the roof and check for cracks that might cause interior leaks, the Do-It- Yourself and Climbing-Free option entails spraying water with a garden hose (if possible) onto the roof and checking whether it drains without leaks. Promptly turn to a roof cleaning and repair specialist if interior leaks are noticed. Additionally, natural debris - such as leaves and branches - can easily collect on the roof during the Winter, which makes the Springtime the optimal time for scheduling a roof cleaning service.

Gutters and Downspouts: Thanks to those Winter winds, gutters will have likely accumulated sediments and debris, which makes it a good idea to check in with your trusted gutter cleaning specialist and schedule a cleaning service.


Foundations: If your property has an exposed brick or concrete foundation, check for cracks and signs of deterioration. Turn to a foundation professional for necessary repairs to guarantee that the property is properly and safely sealed.

Windows, Entryways and Thresholds: Window sills and entryways can easily develop cracks during the Winter. Those cracks make it possible for critters to enter the property while also contributing to straining the HVAC system as a poorly-insulated property fails to retain a desired temperature. A professional handyman can easily reseal cracked thresholds.

Caulking: Similarly to entryways and windows, exterior caulking can wear off as a result of harsh weather exposure. To guarantee that a property is properly insulated, a professional should check the conditions of exterior caulking and recaulk deteriorated areas.

Siding: A cleaning and pressure washing specialist can assess the conditions of a property’s exterior siding and recommend whether it should be thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning siding from the dirt and debris it accumulated during the cold season keeps mold and fungi from growing.

Air Conditioning System: To ensure that your tenants will be able to enjoy a functional air conditioning system in the Summertime, it’s best to avoid running into unexpected issues while it is already unpleasantly hot outside. An HVAC specialist can check whether the air conditioning system is in optimal shape and clean condensers and evaporators from debris that naturally accumulate after the air conditioning is not being utilized regularly.

Painting: Tending to worn and discolored walls, doors, windows, fences and porches is a perfect activity for the Springtime. A professional can get your exteriors back to like-new condition for the Summer with a fresh coat of paint.

Window and Door Screens: All screens should be thoroughly checked for tears, as they represent an easy point of entry for those bugs and critters that start showing up as the weather gets hotter. Older, loose and worn screens or frames should be promptly replaced to avoid the annoyances of bugs activities within the home.

Porches and Fences: Our experts point out that wooden fences and porches should be treated with protective sealant every 4 to 6 years. A professional can assess the condition of porches and fences to recommend necessary treatments, which protect wood from the cracks, warping, rotting and discoloration that can happen as a result of wet weather and/or direct sunshine exposure.

Decks: Especially in older properties, exterior decks can begin to wear down, rot and become unstable and unsafe. A specialist can check the conditions of a deck’s structure and recommend necessary repairs to ensure that tenants can safely enjoy spending time outside as the weather gets warmer.

Smoke Detectors: An enjoyable grilling and barbecue season begins with safety: installing and replacing faulty smoke detectors makes it so your tenants can gather around and cook outside without fearing for the serious dangers of open fires.

Landscaping: If your property is surrounded by greenery, a professional should be hired to trim overgrown vegetation, remove debris and leaves, and inspect plants that are actively growing on the property’s structure or fencing. This allows for vegetation to grow neatly around the property, which is both aesthetically pleasant and safe, since overgrown surroundings make for perfect living spaces for pests and other wildlife.

Garden Sprinklers: If you rely on a sprinkler system to maintain your property’s lawn, it is adequate to check the sprinkler system after it was unused for several months and before it starts beings used often. A professional can check for leaky valves, inefficient lines, water pressure levels and faulty sprinkler heads.