Summer is just around the corner. Now is the best time to prepare and restore your property by cleaning up any outdoor areas and investing in small projects and inspections that will boost your property’s appeal. Remain proactive during spring to keep up with the busier months that will follow, as the peak rental season begins in late spring/early summer.

  • Inspections: Spring is the time to inspect and repair any systems that are not functioning perfectly. Have your air conditioner inspected before your tenants really need it. If there is any problem with your HVAC systems such as inefficiency or weird sounds being made, be sure to get a professional inspect your site.
  • Insulation: Boost energy efficiency at your property by updating or beefing up your insulation around windows and doors. As the seasons change, cracks and gaps will form in your property, offering opportunity for energy inefficiency. Prioritize this simple project if you are looking to save money during the peak air conditioning system use.
  • Clean vents/dryer: Spring is the perfect time to properly clean vents and dryers. Prevent an expensive repair by checking in on your vents and dryers 1-2 times per year. Save money, energy and prolong the life of your dryer and venting systems by checking off this maintenance task this spring.
  • Yard Maintenance: Clean up dead plants and vegetation that might have accumulated over the winter months. Apply fertilizer, dispose of weeds, and trim trees. Outdoor space should look clean and inviting for tenants and potential renters. A healthy lawn and garden can be easy to maintain with regular upkeep.
  • Power Wash: As the sun starts to shine on your property this season, you might notice the build up of dirt and grime on the sliding. Give life to your property with a power wash. Removing surface materials such as dirt, mud and other stains on your exterior features will prevent permanent damage to your property’s exterior surfaces and bring more eyes to your property.