Kitchens tend to feel cramped with a lack of space. Luckily, there are ways to make your kitchen feel bigger without physically expanding the space! Small fixes like a paint change or adding additional lighting can make a huge difference in the way your kitchen looks and feels. Here are 6 ways to make your kitchen feel bigger:

White Paint. White paint reflects light which makes the room feel bigger and brighter. Try matching the tables and countertops with a similar light color. It also helps to repaint bulky items to camouflage and match the walls. If the room stays within a relatively similar color scheme, it creates an illusion of infinite space because the eye doesn’t have to jump from light to dark so often.

Pattern Floors. Horizontal lines make your eyes move from one side to the other, creating the illusion of a wider and more open space. Hardwood floors are an option for this. Try lining the panels horizontally when looking from the entrance of the room. Any other floor style with a similar pattern could have the same widening effect.‌‌

‌‌Lighting. A dimly lit kitchen can make it feel small and gloomy while a brightly lit one feels open and welcoming. Try to allow sunlight to enter the room if you can. Think about replacing the curtains for sheer curtains or maybe removing them altogether. Pendant lights can be used as a source of lighting and a beautiful focal point for the room. Lights above, below and even inside the cupboards can help create the illusion of a bigger room by highlighting a once dim area.

Shiny Appliances. By switching appliances for new, shiny ones, the light reflects off of the appliances furthering the illusion of an “infinite” space. The brighter appliances also highlights the feeling of having a fully upgraded kitchen. Maybe a reason why stainless steel has never gone out of style!‌‌

‌‌Lightweight Furnishings. Furnishings are always a focal piece when it comes to kitchens. When looking to create the illusion of a bigger space, slim and lightweight furnishings are the way to go. Lightweight furnishings give the room a more airy feeling and also helps with the actual physical space of the room. Some options for this include kitchen stools, narrow chairs or slim tables/counter tops.‌‌

Organization. As with any room, organization is key. In a smaller kitchen, storage and floor space can be scarce. Taking advantage of vertical wall space can help with removing clutter from countertops. Hanging shelves help with storage and add a sophisticated look to any kitchen. Think about adding magnetic holders for kitchen utensils, like knives, or pegboards for hanging pots and pans.