Cleaning your gutters may seem like a small task, but if they are not properly maintained, clogged gutters can lead to expensive repairs. Gutters serve as an important tool to provide property drainage from the roof to the ground. Manage your gutter systems before the autumn season to avoid last minute repairs. Take a look at these common four ways clogged gutters can damage a property:

Foundation Damage

Gutters primary purpose is to keep water away from the foundation of your building, but in cases where they are clogged, it will likely do the opposite. Avoid water overflow and wood damage with simple gutter cleaning and preventative maintenance.

Sudden Growth

Often, seeds will fall into your gutters via wind from surrounding trees or from birds carrying them in their beaks. Regardless, if these seeds are not flushed away properly, they will grow and obstruct water flow and add extra weight to the gutters.

Unwanted Guests

A number of pests will be looking to invade property’s during the cooler months ahead. Clogged gutters can attract birds, insects and other pests. The addition of these pests will cause damage to your building and also invade the inside of the walls of your building.

Ice Dams

In the colder months, ice dams can form on the gutters, causing water to pool and eventually seep into the property. This can lead to issues for your interior ceiling and create an opportunity for mold to form. Clogged gutters increase the chance for ice dams by preventing water from draining completely.

A clogged gutter may go unnoticed until the spring season. Add a gutter inspection or cleaning to your to-do list this season to stay proactive on maintaining your gutter system.