Mystery Maintenance Call of the Month

Mystery Maintenance Call of the Month

The apartment mystery maintenance call of the month came from Portland when the property manager of a Portland rental called Keepe with an unusual work order.

“There are hornets inside my house, and it seems to be coming from inside my wall. Please send keepers now!” the property manager said.

Hornets in my rental!

As they explored further, it was discovered that the nest had been building for at least three months before the work order was called in. Our workers determined that it originated from a tiny hole beside the front door, which allowed the hornets to go into the wall and build their home from there.

This unique problem took a full day to solve, with the help of a separate pest control crew to exterminate the hornets and clear out the nest.

The maintenance crew had to cut open a large portion of the drywall, which the pest control would not do.

Once everything has been cleared out, the wall had to be fully patched, a job that took about three to four hours.

After a long day of completing this odd job request, not only does the drywall look good as new, but more importantly, no more hornets in my rental.