Find out about the most popular job requests of the week and ways to prevent the problem before it's too late. This week: blind replacements & repairs.

Popular Job of The Week

Recently, Keepe has been getting many jobs for blind replacement and repairs. Whether your blinds are new or old, broken blinds seem to be an ongoing issue for many. If you were ever wondering why mini blinds break so frequently, here’s your answer: Basically, the holes in the top of each vane are squarely “hole-punched” and, unfortunately, aren’t as reinforced as they should be. Kids rip them out, pets pull them down, but one of the main reasons blinds break is because people are lazy. I admit, sometimes using blinds is a hassle. You have to take the time to turn the wand, open the vanes and pull the string slowly. Not using the wand and rushing the process causes a bunch of tension on each vane and eventually, they crack and snap off. Luckily there are some easy fixes to minimize this from happening...

Blind Tips!

  • Invest in some “vane savers” as reinforcements
  • You may also use a paperclip instead of the “vane savers”
  • Let the cords hang freely, this can help the cords last longer
  • Clean blinds by vacuuming them regularly with a brush attachment on low suction brushing across the slats for venetian and pleated blinds and down the fabric or slats for vertical and roller blinds
  • Spot clean any stubborn stains by blotting with a mild detergent solution or alcohol free wipe but never spray cleaner directly onto fabric
  • To prevent vanes from getting out of sync, always tilt the vanes open fully before drawing the blind open or closed

Odd Job of The Week

This week, Keepe got a job request in the greater Seattle area for a sink faucet that “began spraying in different directions”. When the Keeper came in to check it out, they realized that the problem was the  aerator and fixed it in no time! Aerators are often found at the end of the faucet. Essentially, the aerator pushes a mixture of air and water through the end of the faucet. They are used to prevent splashing, conserve energy and increase water pressure.

About Keepe:

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