A new series of blog posts! Find out about the most popular job requests of the week and ways to prevent the problem before it's too late. This week: sink repairs.

Popular Job of The Week

Recently, Keepe has been getting many repair jobs concerning sink and bathroom repairs. In California, a job order came in about the main faucet in the kitchen sink has been leaking. Additionally, the sprayer built into the faucet is difficult to retract after being pulled out to clean the sink so the faucet and sprayer had been deconstructed for cleaning. In the end, our Keeper was able to fully replace the faucet and supply line, stopping the leak. The Keeper noted that “everything tested well with no leaks after”. Notice the before and after pictures below.

Sink Maintenance Tips!

  • Don’t pour grease down the drain, it will most likely solidify and clog the sink
  • Make sure not to leave food scraps in the sink, clean it regularly so that it doesn’t accumulate waste and start to smell
  • Use lemons and limes. They are a great way to naturally clean your garbage disposal and leave it smelling fresh
  • Using hot water can go a long way to unclog and clean sinks
  • When running the garbage disposal use cold water to help break up the food particles instead of letting them melt and coat the drain.
  • Try to limit putting food down the garbage disposal to keep it as clean as possible

Odd Job of The Week

This week, Keepe got a job request in the greater Seattle area for a garbage disposal that “seemed to have a loose gear that was causing it to make crunching/screeching sounds”. The tenants had already tried to reach in to see if something was stuck in the disposal, but hadn’t been able to find anything rattling around in it. A Keeper was able to find the source of the noise… A loose penny! The penny had somehow managed to get stuck inside the garbage disposal. The Keeper was able to remove it and the disposal worked good as new. Picture from the Keeper below

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