Keepe and the Fight Against the Spread of Coronavirus

Keepe and the Fight Against the Spread of Coronavirus

With the real estate industry and property management businesses already reporting losses since the outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is easy to get caught up worrying not just about the health risk, but about your properties and tenants.

At Keepe, we understand that health is wealth. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we have taken several action steps to protect our Business, Keepers, and Clients. Being in the service industry requires us to be proactive in our actions toward fighting the spread of this virus.

Below are some of the recent action steps we have taken/taking to fight against the spread of the Coronavirus.

  • Encouraging Rental Property Cleaning Habits

Cleanliness is essential for rental properties. Not only does it help in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus, but it helps in the promotion of a healthy living environment for tenants. We encourage our clients (property managers) to introduce a regular rental property cleanliness plan. Our recent emails and blog posts focus on how property managers can get their tenants to clean their respective rental properties, with actionable steps.

  • Screening Our Keepers Ahead of Work Orders

Every rental property needs a reliable handyman or contractor at some point in time. While this is one of the motivations behind our business model, we understand the need to put our clients first. Buildings and property managers will always need the service of a reputable vendor to handle minor to a major maintenance request.

But even in the face of a pandemic such as the Coronavirus, buildings or tenants with repair issues cannot be left without a vendor. That is why we are taking all precautionary measures to screen all our Keepers before they are sent out to handle a work order in a tenant’s home. Our screening practice involves hopping on a call with active Keepers to discuss their present health condition, and making sure they adhere to the practice of good hygiene. We also encourage our contractors to keep a minimum 6 feet distance from any of the tenants present while getting work orders completed.

  • Approval from Clients

At Keepe, we understand that individuals around the world are in panic mode. People are wary of what they touch, the food they eat, and people allowed into their homes. In the face of a virus, we understand the need to be careful, and we encourage it as a business.

That is why before our Keepers proceed to your home for maintenance repairs, we will need to request your approval for their entry into your unit. All our Keepers are currently aware that clients may require additional hygiene measures such as the washing of hands, wearing of a face mask, and refusal to shake hands with them.

In conclusion,

At Keepe, we are doing our best in creating safety measures targeted at not only fighting the spread of the virus but in serving you better. We encourage that you do not panic but plan on how to safeguard you and your tenants from the spread of the Coronavirus. Above all, we would love to hear from you on strategies you may have adopted to fight against its spread in your property.