In the winter, snow, ice and freezing cold temperatures create the perfect conditions for accidents like slips, trips and falls. These winter-related accidents are very common and can be extremely dangerous, especially for senior citizens. Use these 8 tips to ensure your tenants stay safe this winter season.

How to Reduce Fall Injuries:

  1. Non-slip tapes: A simple way to add protection to your floors are by adding peel and stick non-slip tapes. These tapes are easy to apply and provide increased security on floors and stairs.
  2. Stair Treads: Tread covers and nosing are another great preventative solution for stair-related accidents. Indoor and outdoor stairs of any material can benefit from stair tread nosings. The long-lasting material resists chips, scratches and stains.
  3. Absorbent mats: Absorbent mats are great solutions for walkway areas and entry areas throughout the property. These mats will absorb all liquids while preventing floor stains.
  4. Lighting: Make sure there are good lighting systems throughout your outdoor and indoor property. Use motion-sensor lights if you’d prefer an energy efficient solution.
  5. Clean up: Keep common areas and walkways clean and tidy. Keep electric cords and telephone wires near walls and away from walking paths. Clean up indoor spills and puddles immediately.
  6. Spot check for hazards: Identify potholes and cracks outdoors that may cause issues and arrange repairs before it snows. Check entrance steps and handrails for damage and repair accordingly.
  7. Indoor snow removal When snow is tracked indoors, interior surfaces can become dangerous. Use a floor fan to keep walkways dry and place “wet floor” signs in needed areas to alert incoming residents of caution areas.
  8. Outdoor snow removal: Discuss with your maintenance staff which areas you expect snow and ice accumulation to be removed and treated. Ensure snow is piled in a low area to prevent melting and refreeze.

Prevent winter accidents at your rental property by making your space safer with these easy and affordable solutions. Maintaining a safe place during dangerous wintry conditions will go a long way in tenant relations.