How to Detect Faulty Electrical Wiring in a Rental Property

Every year, electrical fires leave a trail of costly damages on rental properties across the United States, This is considered to be one of the most expensive fixes that property managers have to face.

How to Detect Faulty Electrical Wiring in a Rental Property

As a property manager, keep an eye out for poorly installed, outdated and damaged electrical wiring. Often, the warning signs of faulty wiring are relatively easy to detect – as long as you stay proactive and alert in spotting these issues.

Property Managers Beware: 5 Warning Signs of Faulty Electrical Wiring

Frequent circuit breaker trips.

A circuit breaker is designed to trip whenever a power overload occurs in the system. However, if this happens too often (frequent circuit breaker trips in a span of a few days or weeks), it is a clear sign that there is a deeper underlying problem in the building's electrical wiring system. Make sure to have it checked out.

Constant dimming, buzzing or flickering of lights.

If lights in the building constantly buzz when turned on, or worse, flicker or dim when multiple appliances are in use at the same time, it is an indication that there is a problem with the building's electrical wiring, which would potentially require an urgent professional upgrade.

Chewed or frayed wiring.

Damaged wiring – left behind by inexperienced handymen, pets, and rodents – can cause an electrical fire in a rental property. It is essential for property managers to look out for chewed or frayed wiring. If you spot these types of wiring, contact an electrical contractor immediately.

Discolored, scorched or smoked outlet points.

When a rental property’s wiring system is damaged, it often causes discoloration and scorch marks on the outlet points. This is a tell-tale sign that the wiring system is damaged. If left unchecked, it has the potential to cause a fire or shock.

As a property manager, do routine walkthroughs and inspections to detect an electrical fire before it occurs. Remember not to tinker with the electrical system in a building, especially if you see or hear any of the above warning signs. Trust Keepe with any electrical issues or needs in your properties.