Bugs are always an unwanted guest in your home that can create unsanitary living conditions. Because there are so many different types of bugs in the word, bug proofing your home can feel like a losing battle. Hopefully, these simple steps will help you regain confidence and get rid of bugs for good.

Seal doors

Examine around your doors. It’s common to find small cracks large enough for bugs to get in. To keep insects from crawling underneath the door, you can install a steel or aluminum threshold under the door. For even better protection, combine the threshold with a nylon door sweep. The sweep helps cover the gap between the threshold and the door bottom for even better protection against bugs.

Add screens

Especially during summer days, many property owners rely on natural ventilation from windows. Unfortunately, this is also the worst time for mosquitos, fleas and other insects to come into your home. By installing screens to all windows and doors, you are able to keep the ventilation of fresh air while also protecting your home from pests.

Repair cracks

Because bugs are so small in size, they are able to enter your home from cracks that may be nearly invisible to the owner. Start by examining the exterior of your home for any damaged, loose, missing, or rotting sections. You could be surprised by the number of openings you find.

To keep the bugs out of these cracks, use mortar or cement to patch foundations, replace damaged bricks and remove rotting wood. If there are any areas susceptible to termites, you may add cement backer board to reinforce the area and prevent termite damage. Caulk is also amazing at repairing small cracks around the exterior of your home. Use caulk around window frames and roofs to really seal openings.

Store trash properly

As many know, bugs are attracted to trash and debris. Trash can be a gourmet meal to cockroaches and fruit flies. In order to prevent insects from eating your trash, keep all food trash in the kitchen, instead of throughout the house. This will minimize the areas bugs will most likely go. Additionally, the trash should have a lid and be emptied once a day.

Dry up damp areas

Bugs don’t only seek food, like trash, but also water. There are many types of insects that prefer living in damp spaces. To prevent this, fix and replace any leaky faucets, drains or pipes. Inspect your air conditioner, washing machine and dryer to make sure they are all working properly. You may also need to check the attic to make sure there are no leaks. If there are areas in the house that feel damp, try using a dehumidifier.

Kill the bugs you see

Even if after bug-proofing your home, you still see bugs around, kill them immediately. This will control the problem as soon as possible and minimize the risk of insects multiplying. There are many insect control products on the current market, so it should be easy to find the one best for you. Call an exterminator if needed.