Paint plays a key role in determining the look and feel of rental units, which can be a true deal breaker for prospective tenants. Zillow recently published a guide that is designed to illustrate how rental sale prices can be optimized by simply making smart choices when it comes to picking the right paint and overall color scheme. There are some other factors to consider for rental properties given that the renter’s mindset is different than that of potential homeowners.

Colors alone should not be the only focus, as the finish of different paints also has a profound visual and practical impact: the finish not only determines the vividness of the colors, but also the type of care and maintenance needed to keep walls from staining or fading over time.

Paint Finishes

Usually, paint finishes range from flat or matte to high-gloss. The gloss of a paint can change the way color is perceived, how durable the paint is, and how easily it is to hide imperfections or to clean. Usually, paint finishes range from flat or matte to high-gloss.

A Flat or Matte Finish is a low-sheen paint with a non-reflective finish that touches up well and conceals surface flaws or imperfections. For walls that have patches or are cracking, picking a flat- or matte - finish might be the best choice. This finish is  ideal for low traffic areas such as bedrooms interior walls and ceilings,with the only downside being that its porous surface easily absorbs stains and can't be washed.

An Eggshell finish is not glossy, but subdued with a soft, velvety appearance. It holds up better with cleaning than a flat finish paint. An Eggshell finish is the preferred choice for moderate traffic areas such as baths, children’s bedrooms, living areas and in sun rooms or enclosed porches, but it is important to keep in mind that this finish may highlight some surface flaws and even show roller marks.

Satin finishes are shinier than the eggshell finished paints.  They are  ideal i a pearl-like appearance is desired. Satin finishes work best in moderate to high traffic areas, or areas that have some exposure to moisture, such as kitchens.  Satin finishes are practical and easy to maintain, and their biggest flaw is that they often reveal  application flaws, such as roller or brush strokes.

Semi-Gloss finishes are well known for their durability and washability. They are  well suited for moderate and high-traffic locations and high-moisture areas, resulting in a sleek, radiant sheen. Semi-gloss paints are very versatile and can  be used to paint woodwork, trims, moldings, doors, windows, kitchens, and baths.

Hi-Gloss finishes create a brilliant, ultra-shiny appearance.They are  the most durable and easiest to clean out of all paint sheens. High-gloss paint firms a  hard coating, and it is very reflective with a glass-like finish. This is great for high-use surfaces.  Food splatter or even crayon marks can be cleaned up easily on a high-gloss finish.