5 Tips to Manage Your Plumbing Systems This Winter

5 Tips to Manage Your Plumbing Systems This Winter

Cold winter weather is detrimental to a home's plumbing system. In this case, the cold damages water pipes causing them to freeze and eventually burst.

This occurrence is clearly a major issue. Frozen pipe bursts cost vast sums of money in loss, property damage, and repairs.

The good news is that it’s easy for homeowners to prepare their plumbing system for winter and prevent pipes from freezing. For starters, this calls for being proactive instead of sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the chilly weather to freeze the pipes.

Tips To Follow To Prevent Plumbing Disasters during Winter Season

Seal cracks near pipes.

Survey the entire home’s exterior for small air leaks. The leaks are often the first culprit to causing pipes to freeze almost in an instant. What to do? Seal the cracks using insulation or chalk.

Set indoor air temperatures above 65 degrees.

Keep an eye on indoor air temperatures. Ensure it doesn’t fall below 65 degrees to avoid freezing the pipes. Or, better yet, get into the habit of lowering the thermostat at night or when away from home. If don well, this practice can save homeowners thousands of dollars in home damage.

Put away outdoor hoses.

And remember to completely shut off their indoor valve during the winter season. Before covering the hose bibs, make sure all water is completely drained off them. Then once this is done, store the hose.

Let faucets drip with warm water.

This is essential especially on nights when temperatures drop to an all-time low level. This custom prevents pipes from freezing. A trickle of warm water – dripping for hours on end – is enough to save the pipes from freezing during winter.

Leave cabinet doors open.

Pipes under bathroom sinks and kitchen are susceptible to cold air when the cabinet doors are closed. So leave them open to allow circulation of warm air in and around the pipes. It’s a surefire way to get frozen pipes to acquire heat real fast.

Icy-cold weather is troublesome on its own, and it certainly gets worse during the winter season. If your pipes succumb to freezing during the winter season, turn off the main water supply first, and call professional plumbing services right as soon as possible.