3 Actionable Ways to Prevent Freezing Pipes

3 Actionable Ways to Prevent Freezing Pipes

One of the biggest plumbing nightmares that property managers have to deal with, especially in the winter, is the freezing of water pipes. When the temperatures go below zero degrees, the water in the pipes freezes into ice, which can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage in the home. The pipes with the highest risk of freezing are those located in interior corners of the house with limited heating. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent freezing of pipes and the loss of your property to water damage. Here are three of the most convenient ways:

Preventative Methods

There are several things that property managers should do to prevent pipes from freezing. The main objective should be to keep warm water running out of the properties’ faucets throughout the cold season. To achieve this, always ensure that garage doors are properly shut at all times and keep the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open at all times. Keeping these doors open would allow warm air from the house to enter and be in closer proximity to the pipes, hence preventing them from freezing. Lastly, always allow the cold water to drip from the faucets and keep the thermostat set to the same temperature. Insulation is a long term solution that should be considered to have longer lasting pipes in your properties.

Thawing the Freeze

Preventing the pipes from freezing is the most ideal way to maintain the condition of the pipes, especially in the long term. However, if prevention deems ineffective, learning how to constantly thaw them would be crucial. Here are a few tips to identify and thaw frozen pipes in your properties:

  • When a faucet is turned on and only a few drops of water come out, it is highly likely that the pipes are already frozen.
  • Do not rush into warming the pipes because if the water thaws, there might be risks of the water flooding your property.
  • The right approach to take in this situation is to turn off the water source at the meter, and heat over the sections of the pipes where the freezing has started in order to thaw it.

Calling in Professionals

If you suspect that there is a bigger problem than the frozen pipes that can be fixed with a little heating, it is definitely advised for property managers to call in professional plumbers. They will have the right tools to assess the frozen pipes and determine whether they should be thawed or repaired.