3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trash Valet Service

Have you been thinking about adding a trash valet service at your property? In the race to attract renters, properties are continually trying to find new ways to make life easier for renters and improve the condition of the property.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Trash Valet Service

Trash valet service is one of the most requested services by renters and it has some serious benefits for properties too.

What Is Trash Valet Service?

Trash valet service eliminates the need for big dumpsters placed all over the property and keeps the property looking great. A trash valet company will supply trash receptacles that residents place outside their doors on a set schedule, usually in the evening. Teams from the trash valet service will take the trash bins, empty them, and return them to the resident’s door. Usually this service is offered on weeknights only. There are several different kinds of trash bins that are designed to fit seamlessly into different styles of architecture. Indoor trash bins look like regular kitchen bins and can be easily placed in hallways. Others are designed for townhouse and condo rentals and are made to look like attractive outdoor benches that can sit near the door.

The Benefits Of Trash Valet Service

There are several big benefits for properties that switch to trash valet service including:

Residents Want It

One of the best reasons to switch to trash valet service is that it’s something residents really want. You’ll attract more renters and renters who are already in place will be more likely to renew their leases because your property offers trash valet services. It’s fantastic for senior renters and parents and students love it too.

Keeps The Property Clean

Another big benefit of using a trash valet service is that it keeps garbage from building up on the property. No more overflowing dumpsters or huge eyesores in the middle of the property. No more trash blowing all over the property needing to be cleaned up. That will save you labor costs because you won’t need your maintenance team to patrol the grounds looking for and picking up stray trash. Trash is kept out of sight except for the hour or two in the evening when it’s being picked up. Residents are less likely to keep trash in their apartments instead of throwing it away if all they have to do is set it outside their doors.

Fewer Pests

Pests can do a lot of damage to apartments and nothing attracts pests like trash. From insects like roaches to larger animals like mice, squirrels, and raccoons trash attracts a big range of pests. With no large dumpsters filled with trash, your property will attract fewer pests. It will also discourage stray animals from coming through the property looking to feed on some leftovers. When you don’t have so much trash out in the open you can cut back on pest control and save money while still ensuring that the property looks great and that residents are happy.

The costs of trash valet service are comparable to the cost of traditional trash management but if you make the jump your property will look better, require less maintenance, and make residents very happy.